World Disabled Waterski Team

World Championship

Rehabilitation Specialists of Monroe is a proud sponsor of the Water Skiers with Disabilities Association (WSDA). Dr. Keith R. Barbour, owner of Rehabilitation Specialists of Monroe has been working with the team for the last twenty years, most recently as the official Team Physician for the teams selected to represent the U.S. at the Disabled Water Skiers World Championships. Dr. Barbour is thrilled with the opportunity to work with the teams and is dedicated to raising funds for the team. U.S. Disabled Water Ski “Life is Good” T- Shirts are available at the Rehabilitation Specialists location for $25.00 of which $10.00 will go directly to the team.

Within each event (slalom, tricks and jumping) athletes are grouped into the three categories of seated (paraplegics and quadriplegics), standing (arm and/or leg disabilities with or without prostheses), and vision impaired (partially or totally blind).

Dr. Barbour became involved with disabled sports when he saw how this activity brought newly disabled individuals back into the swing of life, becoming self sufficient and productive members of society.

According to team members, Dr. Barbour plays a critical role in determining the level of success of each athlete and the overall team. According to team member Stephany Glassing: “I credit his therapy with my success at being an Elite Athlete…” Bill Furbish, C7 quadriplegic and spinal cord injury, world record holder in water ski jump and slalom recounts: “I injured my elbow in the preliminary event and thought I was out of the competition. Fortunately for me, Dr. Barbour was there to help. After several treatments and some Ibuprofen, I was back in action for the finals […] and placed first in the event. I have been a believer in his techniques ever since.”

Donations to the WSDA make many things possible, like the world travel competitors experience. Being a part of the WSDA has allowed Craig Timm, president of the organization and arm amputee, the chance to give back to the community, create awareness and educate. "The perception that a person with a disability can't contribute to society or isn't a whole person; that's not the case," he said. To learn more about the WSDA, visit and click on the "Disabled" division.

People or organizations interested in donating to the team can contact Jean at Rehabilitation Specialists (734) 241-0560, or send a check, made out to “USA Water Ski”, with “Disabled Team” on the notation line. Checks should be mailed to “USA Water Ski c/o Rehab Specialists of Monroe", 975 S. Monroe St., Ste C., Monroe, MI 48161. USA Water Ski is a 401C corporation. Any donations are tax deductible.